Saturday, 18 September 2010

Huge prize draw

Hi everyone, this is a prize draw that you won't want to miss, firstly i am going to show you the prize...

Here is a description of what you will get, there is over £40 worth of excellent quality yarn up for grabs..

25g Grey patons 70% Mohair yarn
25g Raspberry patons 70% Mohair Yarn
150g mixed colour Guernsey wool
150g Adriafil Regina 100% wool in a dark grey
50g Adriafil 100% Acrylic in a lovelymint green
200g wendy origin woolie 70% wool
200g 75% wool (sock yarn) in a lovely bronze colour
100g sport sock wool 75% wool in a dark grey
100g sport sock wool 75% wool in a lovely blue colour
100g bundle of joy baby wool 100% Acrylic in a gorgeous pink
25g crochet yarn 100% Acrylic in a lovely golden colour
25g crochet yarn 100% Acrylic in a lovely blue
90g cone of i believe 100% wool in a lovely cream Aran

see the photos below..

So how do i win this gorgeous prize? You are all asking... Its £1 per ticket no limit to how many you want to buy... You can either send me a £1 or pay a £1 by Alertpay, which is a secure payment method.. just let me know how many tickets you want and i will send you a link to pay.. The competition will close on 30th Sept and the winner will be announced on the 1st of October.. all monies will be put back into the group for postage, prizes etc... All monies for tickets should get to me by the 29th Sept...  If there are only a few players the competition will run on for another month until we at least cover the costs of posting this large prize out..
many thanks for playing xxx

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