Sunday, 20 June 2010

Project Carol - I have been busy..

Hi Everyone, today i thought would give you all an update on how Carols blanket is progressing.. I recieved lots of gorgeous squares already and have been edging them in one colour so that they are all the same size and will look better when i come to stitching them all together... Ty so much to everyone that has made squares i am so thrilled at all of the help that i have been offered and recieved.. To be honest with you i am totally blown away by the kindness that you have all shown.. It means alot to me and i know that my sister will be so touched when she finds out.. It will be a truly special gift... I have took some pics so that you can see what i have done to the squares.. I hope everyone likes them.   God bless.. xx Channelle xx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

UK Random act of Kindness Group - RAKs Received

I am a member of and i have joined their UK RAK group (Random act of Kindness) here i will post pics of the RAKs that i have recieved and a huge thank you to the lovely people that have sent them to me... Firstly here are some details of the group if you would like to join...

group details

We all need to give a little happiness to someone and what better way then to send a Random Act of Kindess package!
  1. Write a wish list,
  2. Post in the Wish lists thread (You must be a member to post)
  3. PM member for address to sent your RAK to or PM moderator to place your address on file Please do not post your address in the forum keep to PM
  4. Any item posted is paid for by the sender. Do not ask for the cost of shipping, this defeats the object of the group
  5. When a RAK is received post in the ‘WOW look what I received’ thread.
  6. To give is not to receive. Please remember this as this is a RAK group not a swap.
  7. You do not need to full fill every wish on someone’s wish list. Just give what you can, when you can, to whom you want!
  8. Main aim of the group is to share happiness
  9. Have fun!

    The  Bootees i received from janel2008 the bodyshop items are from cinnamoncupcake aswell as some granny squares that she made for carols blanket (see other post).

Carols Blanket - Granny Squares Received

This post is to show all of the Granny squares that i have received so far towards Carols Blanket. when i have put all of the squares together i doubt very much if i will remember where all of the squares have come from. This way Carol can come and have a look on here and find out exactly who made what squares....
The first two pics have been kindly made by Ravelry's cinnamoncupcake from Lancashire.
The 3rd pic down are squares made by Ravelrys handbaggirl from Aberdeen.
Fourth pic down are from Ravelrys mrskarenbear from Derby.. Ty all so much for the squares recieved so far.
Firth pic are from Ravelrys thelmalouise from Kent..
Sixth Pic are from Ravelrys knittingnix fromWhiteabbey.
Seventh Pic are from Ravelrys lea67000 all the way from France, my first ones to arrive from abroad :-)
Eighth pic are from Ravelrys bluesocks from Cumbria..
Ninth Pic are from Ravelrys Redwool from Ireland
Tenth Pic are from  Ravelrys Beaureves77 from Exeter
Eleventh Pic are from Ravelrys littlemisshugs from the uk kind regards to all who have sent squares so far....
Twelth pic from Ravelrys mai139 from the uk...
Thirteenth Pic from Ravelrys alfin... ty all
Fourteenth pic from Ravelrys deesis  from the uk
Fifteenth pic from Ravelrys kimmikat from scotland.
Sixteenth Pic is from Ravelrys theyarnprincess from the USA
Seventeenth pic is from Ravelrys woolbird from the uk
Eighteenth pic is from Ravelrys astrojill from manchester uk
Nineteenth pic is from Ravelrys karinmackk from the uk
Twentieth pic from Ravelrys  sarahsh123 from the uk
Twenty first pic is from Ravelrys locteach from Dallas USA
Twenty second pic from Dorren for CA USA
Twenty third & fourth pics From Gloria from New York USA her blog can be found here

Twenty fifth pic from Ravelrys lovesagoodyarn from Liverpool UK
Twenty sixth pic from Ravelrys 1maineknitwit from Maine USA
Twenty seventh pic from Ravelrys bearsaunty from Watford UK
Twenty eighth & ninth  pic are from Anita from TX USA ty so much everyone. They are all truly gorgeous.x

Sunday, 13 June 2010

My Granny Squares

I made a start myself today and tried out a couple of new granny square patterns.. I think they came out ok lol
The pattern of the square by itself can be found here i just changed the last round to just dc those squares are the pics below the first two..

I  have made a very special square for my sisters blanket.. A heart granny square.. Hope you all like xx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Carols Blanket - Contributions

I have had such a terrific response to my blog and postings on for help with My sister Carols Blanket that i thought i would keep everyone updated to the help that i have been offered... Here i will post photos of the Squares that i have been promised, in aknowledgement to the kind people that have made them..
One lady from Ravelry yeayeayeah from Belgium has already made some squares and posted some pics.. Here they are, they are gorgeous and i can't wait to receive them and start putting carols blanket together....
The fourth and fifth pic are squares made by lovely Anita from Tennessee she also has a great blog with lots of projects and patterns of fun and lovely things to make and read about..She has been terrific and even put  my info on her blog to pull in more help for Carols Project.. Ty Anita x  her blog can be found here..

Another lovely lady called Glor has also started making some squares for our blanket.. She has a terrific blog which can be seen here  
these are the squares that she has already made.. ty Glor

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Project Carol Gemstone Necklaces

Green Adventurine Gemstone Necklace 5 Points