Saturday, 31 July 2010

Trading post Open to offers!

I have decided to do things a little different with these next few lots, instead of me staing how many squares are required for each item (each photo is classed as one item), the next items are open to offers, you can also combine items too.. They are all handmade stitch markers, all glass beads or tibetan style charms with sp findings, they are all approx 7mm... Just let me know how many squares you would like to offer and i will let you know if i accept... xxx

Prize Draw August

Hi everyone, i am pleased to announce our monthly prize draw..
Our group has of course a serious element, healing and loving, but i would also like us to have fun.. As way of a thank you to you all i will be having monthly prize draws with three prizes up for grabs..

For each square that you send in you will recieve a raffle ticket, send one square you get one entry, two you get two entries etc. There are three prizes to be won.. This month we have three  handmade sets of stitch markers.
1st Prize is a four swarovski crystal bead stitch markers.
2nd Prize is a set of six turquoise stitch markers
3rd Prize is a set of six glass heart stitch markers..
When sending in your squares please do not forget to put your ravelry name in with them.

Auction #3 Handmade stitchmarkers

Square of the month

Saturdays Squares

Its the last day of the month and just getting in by the skin of her teeth lol is kathleen01 from Nova Scotia Canada with these gorgeous squares... ty so much hun i had a feeling they would get here in time xx

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Thursdays Squares

Hi all i recieved these squares today but no ravelry name included i just know they are from Nevada USA

Another Healing Crystal pouch..

Weekly mystery prize draw #3

The winner of our weekly mystery prize is mrskarenbear well done hun... You have won three balls of Chinchilla which knits to chunky and mohair and also includes a scarf pattern that takes three balls.... Hope you like...

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

New Projects

I have had an attempt at a Healing Crystal pouch.... I think it came out okay lol...

Wednesdays Squares

More gorgeous squares from our lovely knittingnix lots of girly squares for our stash ty you so much hun......

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Auction #2 Gorgeous Handmade bowl

This gorgeous bowl that has been handmade by our very own pcormany is up for grabs... I am going to run the auction until sunday evening 11.59pm GMT and will start the bidding off at 10 squares.. However much i would love the bowl i am hoping that we can get more than ten squares offered lol...
Happy bidding...

Tuesdays squares

Todays gorgeous squares are from blogstarr from Georgia USA they are wonderful ty (photo one)
Also i recieved a large parcel from our wonderful young moderator pcormany from Louisiana USA who has sent her monthly squares plus extra squares that she traded for the auction that we ran.... (photo two) She has also kindly sent a handmade bowl which is just so beautiful it will be listed under our Auction posting... ty so much for your contributions... xx

Monday, 26 July 2010

Mondays Squares

Todays squares are from baronreads from Illinois USA (first pic) and from meh from Chicago USA (second pic)thank you so much they are lovely xx

Friday, 23 July 2010

Random gift of the week..

Hi all, this is the part where i give out a random gift for the week to someone that has been helpful or productive within our group, or just for being a member..
this week i am giving my gift to karinmackk our new moderator who has had a great impact on our group this week.. I know she is now on her holidays but hopefully she will log in within the week to see her surprise... Here's your gift.... xx

Need Help!

Hi all, i am having a dilema at the moment a love lady called nassy sent me some gorgeous hexagons for our blanket so that i can convert them into squares.. Well i have done this before but for the life of me i can't remember how i did it.. This is my attempt but i am not totally happy with it.. If anyone knows of a free pattern to do this please let me know, i don't want to let nassy down lol

Fridays Squares

Hi all, here are todays squares
First photo from Angie51 from the uk
Second photo from livefully from the USA

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Yarn donations

Hi all i have recieved my first Yarn donation from carolaellen1955 so much yarn in fact enough for another blanket.. I cannot ty enough Carola... xxx

Thursdays Squares

These are the squares that i recieved today.
First photo from carolaellen1955 for her trading post gift... ty hun
Second photo from peachesncreme from NC USA
Third Photo from cenoura from Portugal
Fourth Photo from nassy from the UK who also sent lots of lovely hexagonals that i can convert into squares..
Firfth Photo from luvmydogs from CA USA ty all so much xxx

Trading Post Items

Today i recieved a huge box from carolaellen1955 and included in the box were two gorgeous books on Irish crochet... they are up for grabs for 12 points (12 squares)
thank you so much Carola

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Voluntary Group donations

After several group members have kindly offered to make a donation to help towards, yarn, postage and prizes i have set up several donation options from £1.00 up to £10
I thank everyone who has been so kind as to make an offer like this, i set up the group and have set aside enough money for all of the above so a donation is not neccessary though it would be gratefully accepted, i thank all of you... xx

£1.00 Donation

£2.00 Donation

£5.00 Donation

£6.00 Donation

£7.00 Donation

£10 Donation

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Weekly mystery prize draw #2

Green is my favorite colour, so there is a green theme this week..
Our winner for this weeks Mystery prize draw is wren3447 well done hun...
Below you will see photos of your prizes.... All handmade by me. One bracelet is made from handmade fimo beads. the other from crystal glass and black glass beads.. The others assorted glass beads.. Hope you like your prize.. xxx