Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Buttons For Sale

Here are just some of the buttons that i have for sale, they are 5 packs for £1
each photo shows a pack and how many you get in each pack, you can choose 5 packs for just £1 thats just 20p per pack... postage costs as follows (within the UK only) please contact me if outside the UK
5-10 packs postage £1.50 10-20 packs £1.75 postage 20 packs or more just £2.00 postage however many you chose.
Please message me the pack numbers and quantity and i can invoice you a link to pay by credit or debit card or alternatively you can send a cheque or postal order..
any questions please message me..
I can also do larger packs and 5 pack lucky dip for £1 including other buttons that i've yet to take pics of...

These gorgeous cerise pink buttons are 15mm and 5 in a pack (pack1)

These lovely buttons are a light brown with a mother of pearl effect 25mm 4 per pack.(pack 2)

These blue saucer shaped blue buttons are 28mm 1 per pack (pack 3)

These lovely floral embossed buttons are 28mm and 1 per pack (pack 4)

These wood effect buttons are 20mm and 5 per pack. (pack 5)

These silver metal criscross pattern buttons are 15mm 6 per pack. (pack 7)

These silver metal with a star buttons are 15mm 4 per pack.(pack 8)

These pink and green buttons are 13mm and 8 per pack. (pack 9) please state which colour when ordering

These cute green buttons are 10mm and 17 per pack.. (pack 10)

These brown buttons are 25mm and 3 per pack.. (pack 11)

These peachy pink buttons are 18mm and 3 per pack.. (pack 12)

These black buttons are 13mm and 4 per pack.. (pack 13)

These gorgeous tortoise shell and gold mushroom shape buttons are 15mm and 4 per pack.. (pack 14)

These green and blue buttons are 13mm and 8 per pack. (pack 15)

These green buttons are 23mm and 3 per pack.. (pack 16)

These gorgeous blue flower embossed buttons are 15mm and 4 per pack.. (pack 17

These peach buttons are 25mm and 3 per pack.. (pack 18)

These gorgeous grey flower embossed buttons are 20mm and 2 per pack (pack 19)

These gorgeous buttons have a rainbow pearl effect which the photo hasn't picked up on, they are 18mm and 8 per pack.. (pack 20)

This gorgeous purple flower embossed button is 28mm and 1 per pack.. (pack 21)

These lovely buttons come in two shades of brown they are 15mm and 10 per pack.. (pack 22) please state light or dark when ordering..

These gorgeous white one hole buttons are 12mm and 8 per pack.. (pack 23)

These off-white buttons are 17mm and 5 per pack (pack 24)

These grey and white buttons are 18mm and 8 per pack.. (pack 26)

These gorgeous purple buttons are 13mm and 8 per pack.. (pack 27)

These lovely black and white buttons are 15mm and 8 per pack.. (pack 28)

These buttons are 18mm and 3 per pack (pack 29)

These lovely olive coloured buttons are 16mm and 6 per pack (pack 30)

These gorgeous blue buttons are 13mm and 10per pack.. (pack 31)

These brown buttons are 18mm and 4 per pack.. (pack 32)

These cute little grey buttons are 10mm and 20 per pack.. (pack 33)

These buttons are 15mm and 6 per pack... (pack 34)

These buttons are 18mm 6 per pack.. (pack 35)

These silver round buttons are 8mm 6 per pack.. (pack 36)

These buttons are 15mm and 4 per pack... (pack 37)

These buttons are 18mm and 6 per pack.. (pack 38)

These grey buttons are 10mm 10 per pack.. (pack 40)

These black buttons are 16mm 6 per pack.. (pack 41)

These white buttons are 8mm 20 per pack.. (pack 42)

These gold metal buttons are 20mm and 4 per pack... (pack 43)

These buttons are 12mm 6 per pack.. (pack 44)

These black and silver buttons are 8mm 15 per pack... (pack 45)

These black and grey buttons are 13mm 8 per pack... (pack 46)

These lovely grey buttons are 13mm and 6 per pack.. (pack 47)

These lovely buttons are 8mm 25 per pack... (pack 48)

ty all for looking...

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