Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My Easter Swap

Woohoo my Easter parcel came today and what a treat, Kaarina, cinnamoncupcake, you have spoilt me rotten i love everything.....
Here is a list of what i recieved and photos, and hubby mitts off, you should have seen his face light up when i opened all of the goodies.. He said, "you can have the wool" lol Ty so much my lovely they really are gorgeous and so much thought and effort went into making the personalized egg cozy and the beautiful sunflower cup holder....
i received a gorgeous ball of Reflection Mohairgold Batik with metallic in such wonderful shades of golds, creams and greens (my favourite colours) :-)
A personalized chicken egg cozy and kinder egg..
Caramel bunnies
A windowsill sunflower kit with a handmade sunflower cup cozy soooo beautiful..
Some yummy strawberry and cream shortbread biscuits and also some delicious double chocolate fudge which hubby had his beady little eyes on...... Soooo spoilt.....

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