Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Healing Gift To my Group Members

Hi everyone, i know that some of our group members are suffering themselves with illness and health conditions.. I am a qualified crystal therapist and work with healing crystals all of the time. I have had a sort out and have some small crystals that i can make up to healing bags for those who would want one.. There are also a couple of other things that i am putting on here and obviously its on a first come basis... So if you would like a small bag of crystals or one of the other things listed here please post a message and i will let you know if they are still available..
All of the crystals have healing properties that are helpful with pain, healing and coping with pain or an illness of some kind.. You can carry them around with you, put them under your pillow or just sit and hold them in your hands whilst watching the tv...
Please grab your gift xxx

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