Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Trading Shop for Yarn !!!!

Hi everyone, this is a different section than that of the Trading post, here every item has a value, ie £2 £5 etc you can make a donation for the value of the item and this will go towards buying more yarn in some different colours for the edging of the squares.... On the link below you will see a couple of different options, £1, £2, £5 etc. If for instance you like one of the watches, just click on the link below and then click on the £7 button to be taken to a secure payment page.. Sorry i couldn't put the payment options on this post they didn't show up.... Here's the payment options link ...
The prices include postage...  If you would like more than one item please message me what they are and i can combine the cost and send you an invoice with a payment link..

This handmade bracelet is made from Fimo with charms added on £6.00

 This is another handmade bracelet made from fimo £6.00

These cute little keyrings kindly donated by my sister Carol £2.00 each

These gorgeous phone/handbag charms kindly donated by Carol £2.00 Each

Sp handmade earrings £2.00 a pair or 3 pairs for £5.00


Childrens watches, High school Musical, Spiderman & Transformers £7.00 Each

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