Tuesday, 15 June 2010

UK Random act of Kindness Group - RAKs Received

I am a member of Ravelry.com and i have joined their UK RAK group (Random act of Kindness) here i will post pics of the RAKs that i have recieved and a huge thank you to the lovely people that have sent them to me... Firstly here are some details of the group if you would like to join...

group details

We all need to give a little happiness to someone and what better way then to send a Random Act of Kindess package!
  1. Write a wish list,
  2. Post in the Wish lists thread (You must be a member to post)
  3. PM member for address to sent your RAK to or PM moderator to place your address on file Please do not post your address in the forum keep to PM
  4. Any item posted is paid for by the sender. Do not ask for the cost of shipping, this defeats the object of the group
  5. When a RAK is received post in the ‘WOW look what I received’ thread.
  6. To give is not to receive. Please remember this as this is a RAK group not a swap.
  7. You do not need to full fill every wish on someone’s wish list. Just give what you can, when you can, to whom you want!
  8. Main aim of the group is to share happiness
  9. Have fun!

    The  Bootees i received from janel2008 the bodyshop items are from cinnamoncupcake aswell as some granny squares that she made for carols blanket (see other post).

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